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5 Employment Trends 2017 by 13 Lead HR


The Undercover Recruiter called in 13 of the industry’s best to forecast what the face of recruitment will look like in 2017. They are the CEO, Founder, Senior Partner, Director from various recruiting companies with rich experience in HR industry, and here is a summary of their predictions of employment trends.


1. Candidates’ market

It is largely a candidate’s market right now, and selling the ‘why’ of your company, along with providing a positive impression, are two winning combinations. Candidates will feel more empowered to negotiate terms, and flexibility of work is among their top requests.


2. Increasingly flexible employment

Contingent worker increased vastly as part of the trend towards flexible hours and place of work. Whether you want to call it contracting, or consulting, or the ‘gig economy,’ more companies than ever are choosing to ‘rent’ rather than ‘hire’ talent, even at the director level and above.

Echoing the trend of flexible work-style, there is also a trend towards flexible recruitment procedure. Skill requirements are becoming broader and more stringent. Some enlightened companies are beginning to hire creatively to attract the best people, but some companies will continue to be rigid in their hiring requirements and they are likely to miss out on the best people because of it.


3. Technology: More automation tools to cut administration

From a technology perspective, CV screening using on-line questionnaires is growing in popularity, particularly for high volume roles or where there is a stronger pool of candidates.


4. Beyond Technology: Candidate experience

This is a trend less about technology, but about individual development of emotional intelligence that will enhance performance and productivity. The unexpected side effects of this will be slower burnout of recruiters and improved relationships with HR, hiring managers and talent.

Another trend is that companies are pushing employee referrals as a sourcing focus in order to control increasing costs. It is important for recruiters to take a long term, relationship approach to their client development and candidate development work.


5. Back to Technology: More focus on Digital Marketing & Content Creation

This trend is to engage the candidate experience through social media channels such as Instagram and Snapchat – real people being spoken to. More recruiters need to look at what the brands are doing and realise that the marketing has to reflect where people spend most of their time – on the smartphones, on these apps, not on job boards. Web pages and advertisements need to be optimised for display on mobile screens. Employers also need to show personality and benefits in their job adverts.

For the full content of what the 13 leaders say about 2017 recruitment trends, please refer to The Undercover Recruiter.

Author: Selina Gao, Plusser Marketeer based in Manchester

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