Our Expertise

In order to really excel at what we do, we have chosen to focus our services to three main industries; Internet, High Tech and Direct Investment.

High Tech

An Industry in Constant Change

There is no time to get comfortable and having the ability to continuously challenge yourself and your company is essential for establishing a sustainable growth

High Tech is an industry in constant change. There is no time to get ”comfortable” and the ability to continuously challenge yourself and your company is essential for establishing a sustainable success.

As consumers are becoming increasingly impatient, they want more and they want it faster.

At Searchplus we recognize this fact and know the importance of reacting accordingly.

We have a proven track record of successfully placing positions such as: GM, VP and Senior Directors.




A Ubiquitous Field

Research suggests that nearly 50% of the world’s population use the Internet on a daily basis -and the number is still growing.

As new people enter the fascinating world of the Internet, so does new entrepreneurs hoping to gain a piece of the market.

In order for any organization to achieve viable growth and progress, the people you surround yourself with has to be people who add value to your business.

During the years, we have gained experience working with both startups as well as more established companies within the Internet sector. We have successfully placed positions such as CTO, CIO and COO.

Direct Investment

Financing technical advances

When working with technical development, you need capital to sustain new growth. Companies that work with Direct Investments are big contributors when it comes to enabling the growth of the technical-focused industries. Our experience within this sector is related to both Financial and Strategic Investment.

Financial Investment
We have helped funds hire both deal professionals and portfolio monitoring people for fund themselves, as well as C-suite executives for the investee companies.

For Funds, our focus are on positions such as Vice President, Director and Partner.
For portfolio companies, we are specialized in the placement of CEO, COO, CTO and CFO.

Strategic Investment
Within Strategic Investment, we focus on large Holding Companies that are more concentrated on completing current product offering, and integrating industry value chains, rather than seeking best final return. Here, we concentrate on positions such as: Director, Executive Director, and Managing Director’s levels.


How We Work

At Searchplus we are more than just search.

Navigating the Shifting Landscape

Over the past 25 years, the recruitment industry has undergone a change of dynamics leading to more recruitments being done online.

Having an exhaustive understanding of this ever-changing market landscape is one of the key factors in our quest for finding different approaches to engage job-seekers and clients in new and exciting ways.

At Searchplus we always strive to find innovative solutions in the work that we do. It is important for us. Which is why our vision is to be seen as the smart choice for innovative recruitment.

Performance, passion and nurture

Our core values are performance, passion and nurture. We are a company that focuses on our clients and candidates. That means not only meeting, but also exceeding their expectations. By constantly working with passion and care we believe that we can build long lasting relationships with the people we come in contact with.

As we organize our work in teams, we know that it is imperative to work together and to help each other in order to grow on both a professional as well as on a personal level.

It’s with the same philosophy that we treat our clients – from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500s.