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Throwback Thursday: The unbreakable Nokia 3310


Before the rivalry between Apple and Samsung, before you could upload your pictures on Instagram from your phone, before you could check in with your phone in one of all the cool places people check in at, before…Well I guess you get my point. Before you could do all these cool things with your mobile phone, there was Nokia 3310. The legendary phone from Finland was released in 2000, and became a huge success in terms of sales (126 million units sold). Even though the phone had many features and was ahead of its time, many of us remember it as the “unbreakable phone” where you could spend hours on, playing “snake”.

The younger generation may recognise the phone from all the hilarious and countless internet memes about the phone being unbreakable. However, the Nokia 3310 was once a flagship phone, and the dream phone for many. It had a similar status as todays iPhone and Galaxy. Apart from its highly praised durability, the phone had features such as calculator, Nokia network monitor, stop watch, a reminder function and a text messaging function that allowed messages sent from the phone to be up to 3 times longer than the standard message. It also had 4 different games; Pairs IISpace ImpactBantumi, and the hugely popular Snake II.

It might be hard to imagine today how it would feel to have an indestructible phone, with a battery life that could last for ages. For many, that might sound a bit far fetched or even unrealistic. But for many Nokia 3310, that was reality. So you may wonder what happened? Well as they say: Nothing lasts forever. The technology caught up with 3310, and the phone was replaced by other more advanced models. The production of Nokia 3310 stopped eventually, but the phone continues to live in our hearts forever.

Funt fact:

Finland chose Nokia 3310 as one of its three ”National Emojis”. The emoji reperesents the ”The Unbreakable”, once again due to the durabaility and toughness of the phone.

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